Pulp Figure Companies

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A simple list of links to companies that produce Pulp, Retro Sci-Fi and Weird War miniatures.
Linked, where necessary, directly to the appropriate range!

Brigade Games -

Bronze Age Miniatures - has a range of Sword and Planet miniatures inspired by Barsoom

Copplestone Castings - from Gangsters to High Adventure, and beyond...

Eureka Miniatures - Pulpitations Weird War Range, Boiler Suit Apes, plus a few others that may be of use...

Killer B Games - Produce ther Retro Sci-Fi style GAFDOZ, and the Geezers! Shut It! miniatures and rules.

Lead Adventure Miniatures

North Star Military Figures - Sell a wide range miniatures and rules, many suitable for Pulp games.


Ramshackle Games

Reaper Miniatures - Offer a large and eclectic mix of miniatures, a few of which are pure pulp!

Rebel Minis - A small Steampunk range (and useful Pulp range too).

Red Planet Miniatures - A small but growing range of VSF/Sword and Planet Miniatures.

Rogue Miniatures - Produce a range of both modern and fantasy style minis that all look vaguely familiar...

Scheltrum Miniatures - Produce a range of Dyak Natives (from Borneo), ideal for and native situations...

Smart Max - Mauser Earth 1/35 scale Weird War range

Tin Man Miniatures - features a range of "Lost World" Sword and Planet miniatures

Tobsen Miniaturen - A range of Pulp and Steampunk vehicles in resin.

Victoria Miniatures

Wargames Foundry - An extensive range of Victoriana (also Darkest Africa and Colonial ranges)

West Wind Miniatures - Secrets of the Third Reich Weird War Range


I will be adding more companies over time!
If you know of more, please let me know and I will add them...


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